Private Street Maintenance 2022

Your Board recently approved a contract with Preferred Paving, Inc. for both the repair of failing asphalt (cracking, depressions, separations, etc.) and for seal coating all our private streets (Athena, Apollo, Venus, Cronas, Vesta, Perseus, Leto, Andrea, Jove, Zena, Minerva, Veronica, Triton, Malia, and Verena. Failing concrete flow lines will also be removed and repoured as needed in advance of extensive asphalt repairs. Work is now scheduled to begin on 31 March 2022. Notices will be posted and access on private streets may be briefly restricted.

Update 4 April 2022

Work has begun as of 30 March. Each affected resident will receive a notice containing the schedule and a map of the asphalt repair work scheduled for 6-7 April. Access to private streets may be temporarily limited during repairs. The notice includes the following:

  • Vehicles not moved out of a work area by 07:00 a.m. on the day work is scheduled in your phase will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • If you need your car for the day, please remove it from your garage to an area not scheduled for work that day.
  • No vehicles will not be allowed street access in work areas for 24 hours or until Preferred Paving Co. removes road barricades, cones, or caution tape.
  • For your safety, please keep pets and children away from job site equipment and materials.
  • Please inform your service providers of the asphalt work and slurry seal coating dates, as no access will be available (maid service, repair companies, newspaper delivery, etc.).  

Updated information available in Private Street Maintenance 2022: April 24 Update.

Annual Meeting of the Membership 2022

As required by our By-Laws and CC&Rs, the annual meeting of the membership is scheduled via Zoom on 10 February at 6:30pm. Please join the meeting at[removed]. The purpose of the annual meeting is to report the results of the recent Board election, to determine whether a membership quorum and/or default quorum has been met; and if quorum permits, to install members to fill two open Board seats.

Aegean Heights HOA Board of Directors Election

Two of our five Board seats are open for election in 2021. Members interested in running for a seat are invited to submit a statement of candidacy via email to TSG by November 13, 2021. The Board of Directors Statement of Candidacy form is available at Governing Documents and Forms. Email the form to

Update 7 January 2022:

The two-year terms for two of our five Board seats expired on 31 December. Three HOA members are running for these seats to include incumbents Jim Gotses and Curt Rastetter and new candidate Evan Goss. Our third-party election management company, Accurate Voting, has reported that ballots will not be mailed to the members until early to mid-January 2022, slipping our election one month due to administrative workload. We regret the delay. Incumbent Board members will continue to serve until the election results are reported.

New Trash Bins

Beginning November 1, 2021

Waste Management will be delivering new bins for trash (black lids), recycling (blue lids), and green waste (green lids). Waste Management will also be delivering a kitchen food waste pail for collecting compostable organic waste. Old trash and recycling bins should be left curbside after the regular service dates beginning the first week of November 2021. They will be removed the next day by a separate Waste Management truck.

Note: A recent Waste Management advisory reported that the delivery of green waste bins in our community will occur during December 2021.

Beginning January 1, 2022

Residents will be required to separate their food waste from trash and place all food waste along with any plant waste in the green top waste bin.

More information is available in the City of Mission Viejo Residential Recycling and Refuse Service Guide (PDF).