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2024 Board of Directors Installed

Last Modified on February 8, 2024 As reported in notifications mailed to homeowners, incumbents Curt Rastetter and Evan Goss were re-elected to fill the two open seats on the Board. Determined on 29 January 2024, these are our Board officeholders for 2024:

Community Pool and Clubhouse Renovation Closure

Last Modified on May 14, 2024 Beginning 5 January through 25 May 2024, both the Pool and the Clubhouse will be closed for a major renovations. Electronic access will be disabled during these dates. If work is completed earlier than anticipated, owners and residents will be notified. We regret any inconvenience. For updates on the project, please contact our Construction Consultant, Brian Fulgham at 949-212-3345.

2023 Board of Directors Election and Annual Meeting

Last Modified on November 20, 2023 Members are urged to participate in this important community governance action. Two seats on our five-member Board are up for election this year. Member ballots were mailed on 14 November and our voting service provider requires that they be returned (received) by mail or in person not later than 13 December. Ballots will be counted at 6:30 p.m. on 14 December during our Annual Meeting of the Members. (Zoom Meeting ID 5836026514.) Late-arriving ballots … Read more

2023 Board of Directors Installed

Last Modified on November 20, 2023 As reported in the February Assessment Statements, incumbents Jim Hayes and Vadim Popov along with new member Jerry Chang were elected to fill the three open seats on the Board. Determined on 9 February 2023, these are our Board officeholders for 2023:

2022 Board of Directors Election and Annual Meeting

Last Modified on December 2, 2022 All Association members are urged to participate in the annual election of Board members. Your ballot, which you should have received, contains voting instructions for nominating three members to the Board. Your mail-in ballot must be received by Accurate Voting, our third-party election administrator, not later than 15 December 2022. The results of the election will be reported at the Annual Meeting of the Membership on 15 December 2022 via Zoom. The meeting ID … Read more

Personal Property on Common Areas

Last Modified on December 2, 2022 During recent community inspections, Board members have observed a trend in the number of townhome residents inappropriately placing personal property, plants, outdoor equipment, supplies and other items on common area landscape bordering the walls and fences of homes. By Article V of our Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (CC&Rs), the maintenance and management of common area landscape is the exclusive responsibility of the Board. Beginning January 2023, in the interest of preserving the appearance of … Read more

Individual Earthquake Insurance

Last Modified on November 20, 2023 The ground under our feet is always moving, and we live with a muted anxiety over the “Big One.” Your Board is seeking to educate the membership about the availability of earthquake insurance. Our HOA does not carry earthquake insurance due to its prohibitive expense. For planned unit developments such as Aegean Heights, the Association is responsible for rebuilding in the event of a damaging earthquake. However, the funding for rebuilding would likely come … Read more

Community Pool Closure September 6-8, 2022

Last Modified on November 11, 2022 Please note that the pool will be closed from 6-8 September for renovation of the showers.

Trimming and Topping of Common Area Trees

Last Modified on November 20, 2023 The trimming and/or topping of common area trees by owners and residents is strictly prohibited for these reasons:

Lease and Rental Information

Last Modified on February 24, 2023 For the legitimate extension of services, benefits, and community security, the Association is requesting that Aegean Heights homeowners implementing new property lease agreements provide a copy to our management company: TSG Independent Property Management, Inc.Attn: Mr. George Gustave27129 Calle Arroyo, Suite 1802San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 Although the Association has the right to request this information, it has not been our practice, since our original CC&Rs did not address this subject. However, as our … Read more

Public Street Maintenance 2022

Last Modified on November 11, 2022 The City of Mission Viejo recently confirmed that our public streets (Appian Way, Olympus Drive, Daphne East, and Daphne West) are scheduled for asphalt top-coating in October-November 2022. Work is scheduled to commence the second week in October and continue through the second week of November. The City will be mailing a general notice to residents with public street addresses only. A second notice will go out during the first week of October. A … Read more

Interest-Free Home Improvement Loans

Last Modified on November 20, 2023 For homeowners with qualifying income, the City of Mission Viejo has 0% interest home improvement loans available. These loans are available for roofing, termite treatment and repair, exterior and interior painting, plumbing, windows, flooring, and other repairs. The maximum loan amount is $25,000. Please see the Housing Rehabilitation Program flyer for more details and direct questions to Theresa Dobbs at or 949‑470‑3026.

Council Elections move to District Representation

Last Modified on November 11, 2022 City Ordinance 22-343 signed by Mayor Wendy Buckman on 8 March 2022 amended the City Municipal Code for the election of council members from at-large to district representation. The City Council adopted the new ordinance in compliance with the State of California Government Code Section 34871, in furtherance of the California Voting Rights Act of 2001. Five new districts below were established by the Ordinance. Candidates for City Council must be qualified by law, … Read more

Community Pool Closure June 22-23, 2022

Last Modified on September 1, 2022 The installation of new security fencing necessitates the brief closure of both the swimming pool and wading pool on Wednesday, June 22nd and Thursday, June 23rd. We regret the inconvenience.

Private Street Maintenance 2022: May Update

Last Modified on June 18, 2022 Our contractor, Preferred Paving, has scheduled the final phases of our private street maintenance project for 31 May and 6 June. 31 May Preferred Paving will be posting notices on 27 May for the seal coating and parking space strippingon Zena Court, Jove Court, Vesta, and Athena. Work will begin on these streets on 31 May. All cars must be relocated from designated parking spaces before work begins at 7:00 a.m. on the 31st. … Read more

Waste Management Update 2022 April

Last Modified on November 20, 2023 Green Waste Bins Recently confirmed by Waste Management, the new green waste bins should be placed curbside along with trash and recycle bins for servicing on Thursdays. Remember, organic waste permitted in these bins includes meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, bread, pasta, rice, grains, bones, eggshells, seafood shells, plate scrapings, food-soiled paper/paper napkins (minimal amount), grass, leaves, tree branches, shrubs, brush, plants, weeds, garden trimmings, and sawdust. Senior Citizen Discount The … Read more

Private Street Maintenance 2022: April 24 Update

Last Modified on August 31, 2022 Our private street maintenance project will resume on 16-17 May 2022 when asphalt cracks will be sealed followed by the seal coating of all private streets. See the announcement enclosed with your May assessment billing. Residents were alerted to this project via a flyer delivered to each home on/about 28-29 March. The notice included the following: Vehicles not moved out of a work area by 7:00 a.m. on the day work is scheduled in … Read more

Restatement of our Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and By-Laws

Last Modified on August 31, 2022 Nearly fifty years old, your Board has approved the updating of our CC&R and By-Laws. The update will reflect current State laws, redefine provisions unique to our Association, and incorporate provisions recommended by our Law Firm, Epsten, APC of San Diego, CA. The process will take time due to the Board review of all revisions and the eventual approval by the members via secret ballot. Progress on this major undertaking will be reported in … Read more

Townhome Wrought Iron Railings and Back Patio Gates

Last Modified on November 11, 2022 Beginning in early May, work will begin on the treatment and painting of second-floor wrought iron railings on homes with this feature in Tract 7799 (homes on Veronica, Triton, Malia, and Verena). Also beginning in May, all the wrought iron rear patio gates on townhomes will be treated for corrosion, repaired, painted, and in some cases, refabricated. Notices will be posted as work progresses in order for workers to have access to locked gates.

2022 Annual Meeting of the Members and Board Election Results

Last Modified on November 11, 2022 As required by our By-Laws, the annual meeting of the memberships was conducted on 17 February 2022, delayed one week to meet quorum. The popular votes for nominating Board members to fill two open seats went to Evan Goss, a first-time candidate for the Board, and incumbent Curt Rastetter. Each will serve two-year terms, ending on 31 December 2024. Eighty-six ballots were received representing 172 votes (two votes per member) for a participation rate … Read more
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