Townhome Wrought Iron Railings and Back Patio Gates

Beginning in early May, work will begin on the treatment and painting of second-floor wrought iron railings on homes with this feature in Tract 7799 (homes on Veronica, Triton, Malia, and Verena). Also beginning in May, all the wrought iron rear patio gates on townhomes will be treated for corrosion, repaired, painted, and in some cases, refabricated. Notices will be posted as work progresses in order for workers to have access to locked gates.

1 thought on “Townhome Wrought Iron Railings and Back Patio Gates”

  1. I am not satisfied with my rear patio gate’s condition. The retaining wall to which part of the gate is attached has been leaning for several years and has created a gap in the patio gate. Not only is this a reduction of privacy but also is visibly awkward and aesthetically displeasing.


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