Privileges and Responsibilities

Important and specific guidance is contained in the HOA Rules available at Governing Documents and Forms regarding the enjoyment of our common area facilities. A careful reading of these rules is encouraged for promoting compliance and conventional etiquette.

Common Area Facilities

Owners, residents, and their guests are authorized to use common area facilities throughout the year and/or as dates and hours of facility use are modified by community notices. Since 2016, access to the tennis courts, swimming pool, and child wading pool has been controlled via electronic gates requiring a key fob. Each homeowner of record was issued a key fob in 2016 (one per household). Key fobs are pass-down items by owners when properties are sold or leased.

TSG Independent Property Management controls the issue and replacement of key fobs. In the event of a lost or missing key fob, TSG requests that a 24-hour notice be given for replacement. Homeowners can also purchase an additional key fob, if desired. Replacement and/or additional key fobs are $150.00 each.

Tennis Courts

Use of the tennis courts is authorized from sunrise to 10:00 p.m. year-round. Two electronic gates provide access. Overhead lighting for the tennis courts operates on a one-hour timer. From 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., lights are controlled by waving a key fob over the reader mounted on the light pole nearest to the back gate. One wave of the fob turns the lights on and two waves turns the lights off.

Swimming Pool and Child Wading Pool

The swimming pool and wading pool are open year-round with hours and temperature that change on a seasonal schedule. Electronic gates provide access to the pool areas. See Aegean Heights Homeowners Association Pool Rules.


A unique venue for private parties and community events, our two-story clubhouse is available for a modest rental fee to owners and residents. A careful reading of the Clubhouse Rules and Regulations, in advance will answer all pertinent questions regarding this facility. Rental applicants are required to forward a signed copy of the Clubhouse Rules and Regulations along with a completed Clubhouse Rental Agreement to TSG Independent Property Management. The Clubhouse Rental Agreement must be accompanied by both a non-refundable usage fee of $200 (rental and cleaning) and a security deposit of $500 that is refundable if the material condition of the clubhouse and furnishings are not damaged. The clubhouse provides a reception area on the ground floor level and a meeting space on the lower level to include a food service area (sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave), a flat-screen TV, WiFi, and tables and chairs for 60 guests. Upon approval of the Clubhouse Rental Agreement and receipt of the rental fee and security deposit, the clubhouse manager for the Association will contact the applicant(s) and arrange for clubhouse access and schedule pre and post-event facility walk-throughs. Clubhouse Rental Agreements are preferred two weeks in advance of a planned event.

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