Council Elections move to District Representation

City of Mission Viejo Districting Plan A map

City Ordinance 22-343 signed by Mayor Wendy Buckman on 8 March 2022 amended the City Municipal Code for the election of council members from at-large to district representation. The City Council adopted the new ordinance in compliance with the State of California Government Code Section 34871, in furtherance of the California Voting Rights Act of 2001. Five new districts below were established by the Ordinance. Candidates for City Council must be qualified by law, must reside in the geographical area making up the district from which he or she is nominated, and must be a registered voter of the City of Mission Viejo. District voting will commence with the general municipal elections in November 2022. Existing council members will serve out their terms as district representation is adopted.

More information is available at the City of Mission Viejo’s District Voting News.

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